How can I protect my pipes for the winter?
To prevent freezing of the pipes leading to your outside faucets, shut off the water valve that leads to them and unplug any connected hoses so that the faucet can drain.  Follow these steps during the fall before winter arrives.

How often should I have my septic tank inspected?
We recommend that you have your septic tank inspected every three or four years if it is properly maintained.  If your septic tanks is not maintained well, you may need to have it inspected more sooner.

What plumbing step can I take to conserve water and energy?
Install a toilet flapper and valve to keep your toilet running efficiently.

What is something that I can to prevent leaks?
Make sure you water pressure is below 60 pounds.

What shouldn’t I flush down the toilet?
You should only flush human waste and toilet paper.  Flushing anything else, including “flushable cat litter”, Kleenex and disposable wipes, could clog your system and cause a failure.

How do I know my septic system is in good working order?
A septic system evaluation can be performed by a professional from Bond Septic Service.

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